MDI Corp. is happy to offer equipment from many different manufacturers. 
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The premier MDI Corp. catalog offers a variety of over 190,000 different tools, products, and ideas. These include measuring tools, shop accessories, cutting tools, machines and storage systems.

Just some of the items featured include:

Cutting Tools:  
Drills, reamers, end mills, milling cutters, saws, taps, dies and boring bars.

Milling cutters, boring bars, tool holders, cut-off systems, threading tools, carbide inserts, blanks and rods.

Grinding wheels, belts, sheets, discs, cut-off wheels, mounted points and diamond wheels.

Measuring tools:  
Micrometers, calipers, indicators, scales, digital readouts, gauges and surface plates.

Vises, chucks, collets, live centers, drill sleeves, machine adapters, rotary tables, angle plates and tool posts.

Power Tools:  
Air, electric, cordless, drills, grinders, wrenches, saws and compressors.

Hand tools, gloves, aerosols, pumps, clamps, magnifiers, spectacles,
counters, tool boxes, storage equipment, fasteners.

Milling machines, grinders, lathes, saws, drill presses, sanders, tapping equipment and accessories.

Our highlighted manufacturers include:

CNC Grinding Machines and Work Centers for:
  • Flute, Relief and Point Grinding.
  • Flute and Relief Grinding.
  • Pointing/End Styling.
  • Blank Preparation.
  • Cutting Tool Packaging.

CNC Grinding Machines and Work Centers for:

  • Rotary Burr Grinding.
  • Grinding Wheel Profiling/Dressing.

CNC Grinding Machines and Work Centers for:

  • Tool & Cutter Grinding.
  • High Production Drill/End-Mill Grinding.
  • High Production Point & End Style Grinding.
  • Thread Grinding.
  • Special Applications.
  • Coolant & Filtration Systems.

CNC Grinding Machines and Work Centers for:

  • Tool Grinding.
  • Flute, Relief & Point Grinding.
  • Rotary Burr Grinding.
  • Plunge Grinding.
  • Blank Preparation.


CNC Grinding Machines and Work Centers for:

  • Centerless Grinding.
  • Plunge Grinding.
  • O.D. Grinding.

PC Board Fabricating Machines for:

  • Scoring.
  • Beveling.
  • Slotting.
  • Special Applications.


MICROTOOL Development Industries Corp.
Cutting Tool Manufacturing Division of MDI Corp.

Storage and Filing Systems

holdmor II
Storage and Filing Systems


Storage and Filing Systems

Filing Systems and Storage Solutions


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